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Welcome to
Our Lady of Good Hope 

A Northwest Milwaukee Catholic Parish

Our Lady of Good Hope
7152 North 41st Street

Milwaukee, WI 53209


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Worship Together and Serve the World

Our Lady of Good Hope Parish, in the spirit of its original founders, continues to pride themselves in prayerful liturgies, social justice, education efforts, and care for the needy and elderly. 

The parishioners give witness to the Gospel through faithfulness and generosity as they live out the parish mission:

Called by Christ, we worship together and serve the world. 

Northwest Milwaukee Catholic Parish Mass

Latest News from Our Lady of Good Hope Campus

Chưa có bài đăng nào được xuất bản bằng ngôn ngữ này
Khi có bài đăng mới, bạn sẽ thấy chúng ở đây.

Called by Christ,
we worship together
and ​serve the world.

All are welcome. Yes, we mean everyone.

Youth Ministry + Christian Formation

Health + Wellness Ministry

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Stewardship is a sacred commitment to responsibly manage and share the gifts bestowed upon us by God.

Your donation supports our community and furthers our mission to serve and uplift those in need.

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