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Celebrating Life's Precious Moments

Sacraments and community prayer
with Northwest Milwaukee Catholic Parishes


In life's pivotal moments, the Catholic sacraments serve as conduits of divine grace, illuminating our path and enriching our journey. Join us on a transformative exploration, where each sacrament becomes a beacon, guiding us through the profound mysteries of faith and blessing us with the strength to navigate life's most crucial moments with divine support.


In the waters of baptism, individuals are initiated into the Catholic faith, reborn as children of God, and welcomed into the community of believers. It marks the beginning of a lifelong journey of faith and spiritual growth. Baptisms can be scheduled during or after any Mass on Saturday or Sunday. 

Parents must be registered members of the parish and attend a training class prior to the baptism of their children. Contact us to register for the baptism class and schedule a baptism.


The Eucharist, also known as the holy Communion, is the central sacrament of the Catholic faith. In the sharing of the bread and wine, believers participate in the real presence of Christ, receiving nourishment for their souls and unity with the body of Christ, the Church.

The celebration of first holy Communion takes place in the spring of each year. Second-grade students in both Northwest Milwaukee Catholic School and the Christian formation classes are prepared for the reception of this sacrament following their first reconciliation. After receiving this sacrament, children are expected to attend Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation with their families. 


In the sacrament of reconciliation, or confession, believers encounter the mercy and forgiveness of God. Through heartfelt contrition and confession of sins, individuals are reconciled with God and the Church, experiencing the liberating grace of forgiveness and spiritual renewal.

Confession is offered weekly. Please check the calendar for dates and locations. 

Children preparing for their first holy Communion also receive preparation for the sacrament of reconciliation. Communal celebrations of the sacrament are offered during Advent and Lent.


Through the sacrament of confirmation, individuals receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, empowering them to boldly proclaim and live out their faith. It strengthens and deepens the bond with the Church, equipping believers to courageously bear witness to Christ in the world.

Confirmation takes place for our high school students in their junior year following their 16th birthday. For information on the high school program, contact us.

We also have a program for adults who want to explore confirmation preparation. 


The sacrament of matrimony is a sacred covenant of love and fidelity for life. Through their vows exchanged before God and the Church, spouses are united in a bond of mutual self-giving, called to witness to the love of Christ for the Church and to build a domestic church of faith and love.

To celebrate the sacrament of marriage at one of our campuses, one of the parties must be a registered member of the parish and a practicing Catholic. Marriage preparation requires that the parish priest be notified at least six months before the anticipated wedding date. Contact the parish office for information about the required prenuptial program for engaged couples. 

Holy Orders

Through the sacrament of holy orders, bishops, priests, and deacons are ordained to serve the Church and its people in ministry. They are called to proclaim the Word of God, celebrate the sacraments, and shepherd the faithful, in imitation of Christ, the Good Shepherd.

Parishioners who are interested in ministering to God's people either as an ordained priest, deacon, or lay minister should contact the parish office for more information.

Anointing of the Sick

The sacrament of the anointing of the sick offers comfort, healing, and strength to those who are suffering from illness or facing challenges. Through the anointing with holy oil and prayers, individuals receive the grace of God's healing presence and the assurance of God's loving care.

Anyone wishing to receive the sacrament of the anointing of the sick due to physical or emotional illness outside of this time should contact the parish office. 

Other Key Moments of Prayer


Catholic funeral rites offer solace, hope, and reverence to both the departed and the grieving community. Rooted in the rich traditions of the Church, these rites commend the soul of the deceased to God's mercy and offer prayers for their eternal rest and peace. Through the liturgies of the vigil, funeral Mass, and committal, believers gather to support one another in faith, entrusting their departed loved ones to the loving embrace of God and finding comfort in the promise of the Resurrection and the hope of eternal life in Christ.

When someone dies, you can begin your funeral preparations with the funeral home. They will contact the parish to make arrangements. A staff member will assist you in making plans for the funeral and burial. Choosing suitable readings and hymns can assist a family to remember and share faith with its departed members. Several funeral options are available, e.g., morning, afternoon, or evening funerals with visitation in church or at the funeral home. The pre-planning of a funeral is highly encouraged.

Eucharistic Adoration

Eucharistic adoration is a profound expression of devotion to the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. In the quiet sanctuary of the adoration chapel, believers encounter the living God, veiled beneath the appearance of bread. With hearts filled with reverence and awe, they worship Christ, present in the Eucharist, and offer Him their adoration, thanksgiving, and supplication. Eucharistic adoration becomes a sacred space of intimacy with the Lord, where souls are nourished, healed, and transformed by the boundless love of the Divine Eucharistic Heart.


The rosary is a powerful prayer practice that invites believers to meditate on the life, passion, and glory of Jesus Christ through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. With each bead, individuals embark on a spiritual journey, contemplating the mysteries of faith and entrusting their intentions to the loving heart of Mary, the Mother of God. Through the repetition of prayers, such as the Our Father and the Hail Mary, the Rosary becomes a source of peace, strength, and grace, guiding believers closer to God and deeper into the mysteries of salvation.

Rite of Christian Initiation 

As children: If your children were baptized in another Christian faith and you would like them to now be part of the Catholic Church, please call our Christian Formation Office. Depending on the age of your children, there are different routes to take to welcome them into the church.

As adults: If you have never been baptized, were baptized in another Christian church, or were baptized in the Catholic Church but never raised in the faith, we welcome you. A process we call OCIA (the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults) is for you. Inquiry sessions are held to let you ask your questions and help you decide if the Catholic Church is the Church for you. If you decide to pursue reception into the Church, or if you wish to complete your initiation, we prepare you for baptism (if you have not already been baptized), confirmation, and Eucharist. Contact our Director of Evangelization & Discipleship for more information.

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